CHEN1211Fall05Test3 - SaLtA TI orv5 HOUR EXAM III CHEN 1211...

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Unformatted text preview: SaLtA TI orv5 HOUR EXAM III CHEN 1211 Profs. George & Schwartz Tuesday, November 29,2005 6:30PM to 7:30PM Answer all questions on the scantron answer sheet by filling in the proper bubble with a number 2 pencil. If you change your answer, please erase the undesired mark thoroughly. Be sure to fill in the boxes for your student number, name and lab section; then fill in the corresponding bubbles beneath them correctly. A periodic table with atomic numbers and masses is attached to the back of this exam. There are 7 exam pages and 13 questions. Check to be sure you have answered all the questions. Please note the point values of each question. Useful Information: Avogadro's Number = 6.022 x 1023morl Number of Moles = Concentration x Volume Raoult's Law Pso1n= Psolv X Xso1v 1 J = 1 kg m2/s2 1 amu = 1.6605 x 10-24g' First-Order Reaction: [A(t)]/[A(t=O)]= exp(-kt) First-Order Reaction: In[A(t)] =-kt + In[A(t=O)] Half-life for First-Order Equation: t1/2= 0.693/k pH = -log[H+] Kp = Kc(RT)L'1n Ka = [H3O+][A-]/[HA] Kw = [H3O+][OH-] = KaKb = 1.0 x 10-14 Percent Dissociation = ([HA] dissociated / [HA] initial) x 100% Mass Percent = (Mass of component / Total mass of solution) x 100%-b I.Jb2- 4ac x= . 2a 1. (6 Points) Which of the following should be LEAST soluble in water? ((a)'Propane,H3C-CH2-C!lO 'MOS+ ho"-po/~"... r.o fOleA""" bt;'nd..s (b) Acetic acid, H3C-COOH (c) Methanol, H3C-OH (d) Methylamine, H3~NH2 (e) Sodium acetate, CH3-COONa (a) 20.5 mm Hg C(b) 22.1 mm ~g":::> (c) 22.9 mm Hg (d) 24.7 mm Hg (e) 25.6 mm Hg (8 Points) A potassium chloride (KCI) solution is prepared by dissolving 40.0 g' potassium chloride in 250.0 g of water at 25 .C. What is the vapor pressure of the , solutionif the vaporpressureofwi;lterat 25 .C is 23.76mm Hg? / I<: ;!'1,/O '-100°' Kcl. 1,,-,,1 K!:L ;:: ~,J{.blt'iD ~(Jl c./ 15.4-)' 74.)"!'" /j ICCI' I<CI 7¥5£ . . ;SO,O J HzO J ~I ~o ;. /1.87-.t'JI ~() /8. fi2, ~O K C I---";) Ie f-t"tA~)-r c: ,-r",f.) I.() 7:J J.. t:J I II/?!""I..) P....
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CHEN1211Fall05Test3 - SaLtA TI orv5 HOUR EXAM III CHEN 1211...

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