hst 225 extra credit

hst 225 extra credit - succeeding Since 1988 there has been...

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Kate Armstrong HST 225 Dr. Olumwullah April 10, 2008 Conference Beginning Today the conference began to discuss the recent developments with elections in Africa. This is an international conference that many esteemed scholars and Miami students are contributing their research and knowledge for discussions. This conference is part of a series of meetings that these scholars have been attending since the fall of 2007. The Provost spoke on the subject of democracy and how it is now necessary to incorporate Africa into the study of democratization. This is a result of the many multi-party elections in Africa, and the democratic aspirations of these countries. Many people believe that high per capita income is essential to establishing democracy, however; when looking at Africa we can that even with a low per-capita income, democratic ideals are still persisting and
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Unformatted text preview: succeeding. Since 1988 there has been considerable change in the elections of African countries. While multi-party elections are becoming more popular, the quality of the elections is still an issue, which is not surprising. The provost noted that historically democracy is a process that takes decades as we can see when we compare the situation in Africa to early democracy in America and Europe. Needless to say there will be setbacks and occurrences that may stall and delay the progression of democracy in Africa. In spite of this reality, there has been remarkable progress in Africa in the last twenty years, and it is continuing in present times. The citizens have begun to demand democracy, and the election process is changing....
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hst 225 extra credit - succeeding Since 1988 there has been...

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