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Pract Prob Set 3C Answers rev

Pract Prob Set 3C Answers rev - Practice problem set 3C...

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Practice problem set 3C ANSWERS Lect 27-29 Geoff Bio 61 Book questions ----- see answers in book PART1 1. Why is Vitamin C considered essential???? Your body cannot make it and thus must be obtained from the diet in order for good health 2. Les Wheattooth tries to eat nothing but celery, juju beans and water for a week as part of a diet he is following. He begins to have bleeding gums, cramps, and other health problems WHY? His diet is obviously lacking sources of essential nutrients. Thus his body shows signs of ill health. For instance, without certain essential amino acids, he cannot make certain proteins. 3. In general, in the stomach and small intestine, the tissue that is under the epithelial tissue is ____ connective __________ tissue 4. Amylase is first added to the food you digest in the _______ mouth_____ 5. The esophagus contains ___ skeletal _______ and __ smooth ________ muscle tissue. The involuntary muscle initiates _____ persistalsis ____, which will continue throughout the tract to cause food movement. 6. The evil genetic engineer Jeff Sin-Zereghino has created a new life form that secretes pepsin into the small intestine, not the stomach. The new animal has problems getting essential amino acids into its bloodstream. EXPLAIN Pepsin is used to digest long proteins into substituent shorter peptides, which can be digested more easily by the enzymes in the small intestine. Pepsin is synthesized as pepsinogen and must be located in an acidic compartment like the stomach(pH2) to activate itself.
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