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Name:Peter LimResponse Log forDeath of a Salesman [Type Title(s) of Work(s) on the Line Above] Title & Author of LiteraryWorkQuotes I Thought Were ImportantThoughts, Questions, Interpretations: WHY Each Quote Is Important Arthur Miller Death of a Salesman Willy Loman complaints about his sonBiff for not having a stable job, “Biff is alazy bum!” Shortly after, heacknowledges his son as a hard workerby saying, “There’s one thing about Biff—he’s not lazy” (Miller 1712).Throughout the beginning of the play, Arthur Miller illustrates how Willy’s reality profoundly conflicts with his hopes. Throughout his life, he has constructed elaborate fantasies to deny his failure to fulfill his desires and expectations. Labeling Biff a lazy bum allows Willy to deflect Linda’s criticism of his aggressive lecture against Biff’s lack of material success, ambition, and focus. On the contrary, denying Biff’s laziness enables Willy to hold onto the hope that Biff
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