Pract Prob Set 1B Answers

Pract Prob Set 1B Answers - Prac Prob Set 1B Answers Lect...

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Prac Prob Set 1B Answers Lect 4-9 1. Integral membrane proteins called___cell adhesion______proteins can be found to keep two cells together in a tight junction while integral membrane proteins containing __carbohydrates_________ are usually used when 1 type of body cell needs to identify another cell that it needs to interact with. 2. When the bradykin receptor on a liver cell binds the hormone maroneyin, you would expect what to happen in the liver cell? The binding of the ligand to the receptor should cause a conformational change in bradykin protein so its intracellular portion would interact with some protein inside the cell to initiate a signal in the cell to cause a response. . 3. True or False only relatively small polar and ionic molecules can reside within the lipid bilayer of a plasma membrane with their polar and ionic moieties exposed to the fatty acid tails. 4. What is the common purpose of both unsaturated (aka double bonded) phospholipids and cholesterol in the membranes of animals? Both are used to maintain fluidity of the membrane 5. The surface amino acids of a peripheral membrane protein make transient bonds with the ___head (polar/ionic groups attached to phosphate______ groups of phospholipids in the membrane so they can leave and return to the membrane when needed. 6. There is a channel in the membrane of an Australian wombat muscle cell that is needed to transport large manganese cations into the cell as passive transport. The amino acids lining the inside of this channel would most likely be ___polar/ionic_________ while the amino acids of the channel exposed to the inner regions of the lipid bilayer would be ____nonpolar___________ 7. Unlike facilitated diffusion, active transport requires __ATP__________ to occur and moves solutes from a region of ____lower__________________concentration to a region of _____higher_______________ concentration. 8 Small hydrophobic, nonpolar molecules like oxygen go through a membrane by the
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Pract Prob Set 1B Answers - Prac Prob Set 1B Answers Lect...

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