Prac Prob Set 4B Answers lect 32-35

Prac Prob Set 4B Answers lect 32-35 - Prac Prob Set 4B lect...

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Prac Prob Set 4B lect 32-35Answers Book questions 7 th  Chap 43 #2, 7, 8;  Ch 45 # 7, 8  Ch 49 #7 1. . Smoking often inhibits the action of ciliated cells that line the respiratory tract. What will be the effect of this on the smoker's health? The ciliated respiratory cells in the respiratory tract will not function as effectively. Therefore, the repiratory tract will not be able to sweep invading microorganisms out of itself, making it more susceptible to infection. 2. Explain why many anti-inflammatory drugs contain chemicals that block the action of histamine. Histamines cause the dilation of blood vessels, which increases blood flow to a region of the body causing reddening. These chemicals also increase the size of the pores in the capillaries, allowing for greater filtration of fluids into the interstitial space, which means swelling. Thus, by blocking the effects of histamine ie preventing it from binding receptors, such drugs help prevent reddening and swelling. 3. A small inbred family in Bulgaria is identified as having a nonsense mutation in a gene which encodes a protein that is necessary for phagocytosis in macrophages. What would be the effect? The macrophages will be unable to swallow up invaders. This would also influence Thelper cell activation. 4. B cells are to viruses in blood as __ cytotoxic T cells__ are to virally infected cells. 5.
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Prac Prob Set 4B Answers lect 32-35 - Prac Prob Set 4B lect...

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