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ES 3 HW 7 Due 08/22/06 Note: All questions can be brief essays or bullets. Use the grand parent conjecture freely. 1. Discuss one significant historical event that was enabled by the printing press and paper. 2. Why is it difficult to replace oil (i.e gasoline) as a fuel source for automobiles? 3. Why is it difficult to predict when we will run out of oil? 4. Dr. Ron said he believed that more than any material, plastics elevated our standard of living. Do you agree with his arguments? Why or why not? 5. Look through your recyclables and find (by reading the recycle symbol, “Google” to get info if needed): a. Something made from polyethylene b. Something made of PETE (mylar) c. Something made of one other polymer State that you accomplished this mission.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Starting with uranium ore, explain to your grandmother how a U235 atomic bomb is made and detonated. Sass Chapter 12: I have read chapter 12___________ 7. Discuss the initial limitations of natural rubber (before vulcanization). 8. Discuss Goodyear’s discovery of vulcanization of rubber and its impact on rubber usage. Sass Chapter 13: I have read chapter 13 _____________ 9. Diamond is superlative in at least two physical traits: one is its hardness. What is the other superlative physical property of diamond? Does Sass mention it? You may need to use the internet to answer the question. I have read Chapter 14 of Sass ______ I have read Chapter 15 of Sass ______...
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