Russ13midtermreview - Midterm exam Monday Material This...

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Unformatted text preview: Midterm exam, Monday, October 24, 2005 Material: This test will cover the information in the readings and lectures through Wednesday, October 19, 2005. You are responsible for all materials (readings, lectures, films, music, discussions) to date. If some of the information below is unfamiliar, it may be because it will be introduced in lecture on Monday or Wednesday. Format: 25 multiple choice questions, one essay. Review your readings, lecture notes, and the PowerPoint lecture slides placed on the R13 Blackboard site. Know the following items: Basic terms Slavs (East, West, South) : Slavs are divided into three groups from eastern Europe. East slavs include Russians, Ukrainians, behresians folklore : combination of tradition, beliefs, and culture five basic criteria of folklore : 1) oral: passed on by stories/storytellers, 2) traditional: in transmission, form and features, 3) anonymous: no distinct author, forget over time, 4) formulaic: “once upon a time” “happily ever after”, 5) exists in variations: changes gradually on telling three areas of folklore : 1) oral/verbal: tales, songs, proverbs, cures, charms, riddles 2) customary: beliefs, superstitions, customs, dances, games, gestures 3) material: food, clothing, arts and crafts, housin Material culture : includes architecture, food, clothing, arts and crafts, elements of folklore icon (red/beautiful) corner : first thing you see in the home and cross yourself over the threshold, located diagonal from stove corner, very traditionally associated with men and honor, spiritually important color: blood, sun, fertility, means beautiful in Russian. When a stranger entered a Russian household he was supposed to take off his hat, cross himself facing the icon corner, and then greet the heads of the household. stove corner : women’s domain, used for cooking, heating, and sleeping, storage for space as much as possible ritual towels : ritual towels around the icon, parts of the Christian faith merging, also serves as element of protection of icon as opening into the spiritual world ritual carvings : carvings around windows functioned as protective symbols, focus on boundary between inside and outside world embroidery : consists of vegetation, holy cross, the sun, Russian Orthodox religious iconography, still mostly red and contains symbols icons : have sacred pictures, Christianity, original icons fell from heaven, not everyone could paint their own icons, each peasant house had at least one icon, take the icon with you when you moved, icon not venerated, color symbolism, important figures appear larger, shadows are absent, mood of serenity, dual faith both Christian and pagan, healing miraculous qualities village layout : cluster, free form, and hollow form types of settlement. The cluster type consisted of scattered nuclei, each of which was probably at one time inhabited by a kin group. Free form villages developed in locations remote from space defining rivers or roads, such as on ethe open steppe of the southern Ukraine. roads, such as on ethe open steppe of the southern Ukraine....
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Russ13midtermreview - Midterm exam Monday Material This...

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