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CPS Questions exam 1

CPS Questions exam 1 - CPS Questions(through 1 How does the...

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CPS Questions (through 2/21/08) 1. How does the word “theory” in science differ from its use in everyday English? A. There is no difference — the terms are interchangeable. B. All scientific theories have stood the test of time. C. Scientific theories are not based on guesswork. They explain scientific laws. D. Scientific theories are testable explanations, not speculative guesses. 2. Which of the following conditions MUST be met for natural selection to occur? A. Two populations each consisting of individuals of the same species must live in different environments. B. Individuals in a population must all have similar characteristics (or "traits"). C. No two individuals in a population should have the same traits. D. Some traits in a population must be variable and heritable. E. C and D 3. Which of the following statements about evolution is (are) CORRECT?
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