COM 204 Midterm

COM 204 Midterm - COM 204 Midterm Part 1 Proposition The...

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COM 204 Midterm Part 1 Proposition: The United States should cease involvement in the Vietnam conflict. Issue #1: The United States participation in the Vietnam War is illegal by nature. The United States is violating the rules of the Geneva Convention. Evidence listed… The United States’ participation was not authorized by the South East Asia Treaty. Evidence listed… The United States participation is illegal because of its intervention of a civil war, which the United Nations says cannot be done. Evidence listed… Transition: Thus we conclude that our participating. .. etc… Issue #2: The U.S.A. is causing irreparable damages to Southern Vietnam. The United States is implementing self defeating military strategies. Evidence listed… The U.S.A. is causing massive civilian deaths. Evidence listed… Aid from the U.S.A is causing severe corruption in the South Vietnamese government. Evidence listed… Transition: For all these reasons the United States. .. etc… Issue #3: Participation in this war is also causing irreparable damage to the United States itself in lives and dollars. Evidence listed… United States domestic programs are getting less funding because of the war. Evidence cited…
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COM 204 Midterm - COM 204 Midterm Part 1 Proposition The...

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