Test 4 Review - Test 4 Review Ch 45: Biotic potential-...

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Test 4 Review Ch 45: Biotic potential- maximum rate of increase per individual under optimum conditions Carrying capacity- number of individuals of a population that a given environment can support indefinitely Density dependent factor- factors that influence population and vary with population density Density independent factor- influence population regardless of size Doubling time (formula)- 0.7(constant) divided by 1.7%(current growth rate) Ecology- Emigration-movement out Immigration-movement in Mortality-death Natality-birth Exponential growth—j shaped curve Logistic growth—s shaped curve Limiting factor- any resource that when in short supply limits population growth Population- group of individuals of the same species that occupy a given area at a particular time Population density- the number of organisms of that species living in a specified area or volume Population distribution Uniform Random Clumped Lincoln-Peterson Index- estimating population size by capture-mark-recapture Survivorship curves- Types I- low infant mortality, many reach old age; usually 1-2 births at a time, long term care II- constant death rate at all ages- equally likely to die at any age; more than 1-2 born at a time, moderate amount of maternal care III- high infant death rate, few survive to old age; invertebrates, plants ZPG Paul Ehrlich- Population Bomb K related species R related species Ch 47: Camouflage- organism blend in with environment
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Test 4 Review - Test 4 Review Ch 45: Biotic potential-...

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