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bio study test 3 - Digestion Absorptive Ingestive Essential...

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Digestion Absorptive Ingestive Essential Amino Acids- those that animals cannot synthesize from proteins Kwashiorker- protein energy malnutrition Essential fatty acids(Linoleic) Digestion= hydrolysis- splitting with H2O Gastrovascular Cavity(hydra, planaria) Extracellular- not in cells Intracellular-in cells x-section of Digestive System Mouth- Dental formula- 2123 4 tastes- salty, sweet, bitter, sour Physical vs. chemical digestion- chewing vs saliva 3 pairs of salivary glands=amylase (starch sugar) Parotid, sublingual, submaxillary Esophagus Peristalsis- rhythmic muscular contractions Mucous Stomach Cardiac Sphincter- between esophagus and stomach Pyloric Sphincter- between stomach and small intestine Rugae- HCl- from parietal cells Mucous glands Pepsin – Proteins—Polypeptides Bolus- state of food going into stomach Chyme- state of food going out of stomach Small Intestine Duodenun—juices from—stomach, liver and gallbladder(bile- physical lipid digestion), pancreas(amylace- starch, lipace-lipids, tripsin- proteins) Absorption and digestion Large Intestine Ascending Colon Transverse Colon Descending Colon Sigmond Colon Absorbs Water, stores fecal matter, gastric caecum & appendix
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Respiration- Ectotherms vs Endotherms—endotherms(birds and mammals) have higher oxygen demands Needs; Large gas exchange surface Protect respiratory surface Keep surface moist Transport gases Invagination vs Evagination- inward vs outward—lungs, trachea vs gills Respiration problems on land- keeping surfaces moist Respiration problems in water- problem obtaining enough O2
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bio study test 3 - Digestion Absorptive Ingestive Essential...

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