project 1 - Tessier 1 Nathan Tessier Justine Lutzel Wrt...

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Tessier 1 Nathan Tessier Justine Lutzel Wrt 104-16 31 January 2007 Jester The phone rang late on a Friday afternoon . I answered quickly expecting a call . It was my good friend and fellow band member Darren . His voice sounded excited and I knew instantly what his call was about . “Dude! The CDs came in today . Come on over so we can listen!” I rushed out of my house, hopped into my mother’s aging Honda and raced off to my second home . I arrived to find both Darren, the guitarist, and our bassist Matt sitting on the couch huddling around a large brown package . Matt cracked open the oversized box stuffed with packing peanuts and 100 copies of our album “Jester” . He reached inside and swam through the seemingly endless amounts of Styrofoam until he struck gold . After several anxious minutes of wrestling with the shrink-wrap and that annoying sticker, he pulled the disc from its case . We tossed it into the ancient boom box still equipped with a tape player . For a moment we paused and gave each other a hopeful look before cranking up the volume and slamming the play button . The music, our music, filled the air as the first song began to play . We stood in utter silence, beaming with smiles all around as our hard work had finally paid off . The guitar screamed, the bass boomed, and the drums thundered and shook the tiny speakers . We sat there and listened to every song without saying a word . As the final note of the guitar slowly faded on the last track, we began to reminisce about our experience in the studio and how incredible the CD sounded . The band was started two years ago with Darren on guitar and Matt on bass and their cousin Jordan on drums . After a year of playing together off and on, Jordan left and I became the new drummer . Only after I joined did we decide to become more serious
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project 1 - Tessier 1 Nathan Tessier Justine Lutzel Wrt...

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