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project 5 - Tessier 1 Nathan Tessier Justine Lutzel Wrt...

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Tessier 1 Nathan Tessier Justine Lutzel Wrt 104-16 25 April 2007 The Ultimate Layout My alarm clock blared at seven thirty early Saturday morning . Seven thirty a . m . ! I couldn’t remember the last occasion I saw that time . Reaching for the snooze button on the fire truck on the nightstand, I realized I had far better things to do than sleep . I fell out of bed both figuratively and literally (I happen to sleep on the top bunk) . I flicked on the lights and squinted as the bright light hit my eyes . As I put on my jersey and gym shorts I wondered if this would be the year the URI Ultimate team would make it to the regional tournament . With my muddy cleats laced up and half a dozen bottles of water packed up in my bag I left my dorm room . It was an eerie feeling walking past the usually busy freshman dorms with no one in sight . As the rest of campus slept, I turned up my Ipod to my favorite band, Angels and Airwaves, to get pumped up for the day, but mostly to wake up . It was a long walk to the fields but it gave me time to eat breakfast . Pop-tarts and a Gatorade hit the spot as I continued my journey . In the distance, I saw the familiar sight of white Frisbee disks flying across the sky . As I walked, I noticed the wind picked up significantly and I knew this was going to make for an interesting day . I crossed through the thin tree line and walked over to meet with the rest of Threat Level Midnight (the URI Ultimate team) . I began to stretch; my muscles burned in pain . The wind whipped across the field and I felt a chill run up my spine . The plastic disk was hard from the cold and as I warmed up with a fellow teammate, I could feel the sting as it hit my hand . “I should have brought gloves,” I thought to myself . As we tossed, my thoughts drifted to our first game against Connecticut College B-Team . They seemed just as inexperienced as we were, so I hoped that it would make for a good game . Teams from all across the state, and all across New England came to URI to compete
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Tessier 2 for a shot at the regional tournament .
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