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Art History Survey 1 Art114 Chapter 12 Quiz Study Guide The ________ period is the first since Archaic and Classical Greece to take its name from an artistic style rather than from politics or geography. Romanesque Earlier medieval structures were ________ . Timber roofed In the feudal system, the focus of life was the ________ .
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In the Romanesque period, there was a sharp increase in trade, which encouraged the growth of cities and towns; this was fostered in part by ________ .
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Which of the following granted towns their independence from feudal lords?
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What was supposed to have occurred in the year 1000? End of the world One of the first regions to have a distinctive Romanesque architecture was ________ .
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The Knights Templar were stationed next to the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. What is the source of the name "Templar"?
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Unformatted text preview:Cluniac monks became famous for their ________ . Scholarship Speyer Cathedral is an early example of ________ over the nave. groin vaults Sant'Ambrogio has one of the earliest examples of which of the following? rib vaulting Saint-Étienne at Caen was begun by ________ . William of Normandy ________ was begun in the generation following the Norman conquest of England. Durham Cathedral The ________ is a coherent group of three Romanesque buildings. Pisa Cathedral Which of the following marks Pisa Cathedral as Romanesque? projecting transept The freestanding Baptistery of San Giovanni is in ________ . Florence Italian buildings adhered closely to ________ . Early Christian basilicas Which of the following accounts for the sculptural programs on Romanesque churches? illiterate population One of the most famous of all works of English Romanesque art is neither a book nor a religious subject but a ________ . tapestry