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COMMUNICATIONS 107A NOTES July 3, 2007 Films of Persuasion Sophie Scholl  True Story o Resistance movement called the “White Rose” o Nazi Germany o Giving out leaflets is completely protected by the 1 st  amendment  We have the right to freedom of speech unlike that of Germany o When is it necessary to resist tyranny and why so few people do it? o Conformity and responsibility o Moral resistance is never in vain o “you can kill people but you cannot kill ideas” central theme o This film tried to persuade that the Nazis would be prosecuted and that you  should never give up Character and courage over social conformity is being persuaded  Sophie dies at 21 but lived such a filling life  o They focused on the university since students are more open-minded and have 
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Unformatted text preview: very little responsibility which they must be dedicated to, people are young and have a higher level of idealism and are more easily influenced and also have much more time to do things. The university would substantially be a more susceptive audience and will eventually be the people leading the country o Hans and Sophie knew the consequences of being in the resistance, young people in general are foolish and have little knowledge of the consequences to follow o Robert Mohr o Sophie clams she is apolitical but that is not believable One of the underlying moral issues is for you to “do your job” o...
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