Riger Fall 2007 CP_ Prep Work Ch 2

Riger Fall 2007 CP_ Prep Work Ch 2 - 4 Describe two ways...

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PSCH 231: Ch. 2 Prep Work Student Name: _____________________________________ 1. List and provide one example of each of Kelly’s qualities of the community psychologist. 2. Describe Cowen’s research on helpers and identify the three insights on which it was based. 3. What is the difference between research and practice in community psychology? Give one example of research and one example of practice.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Describe two ways that values can influence research. 5. Define “emic” and “etic” and describe how these two approach differ. 6. Describe the stages and challenges of community consultation. 7. In Fairweather’s Lodge Society 40-minth follow up, what were the independent and dependent variables? Do you think Fairweather’s research was ecologically valid? Why or why not?...
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