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Riger Fall 2007 CP_ Prep Work Ch 6

Riger Fall 2007 CP_ Prep Work Ch 6 - one example of a...

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PSCH 231: Ch. 6 Prep Work Student Name: _____________________________________ 1. Explain the difference between first-order and second-order change, and give an example of each. 2. Describe two factors that promote social change and give one example of each. 3. Describe two factors that prohibit social change and give one example of each. 4. Describe the difference between conflict-based and cooperative approaches to social change. Give
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Unformatted text preview: one example of a conflict-based change effort and one example of a cooperative change effort. 5. Describe the Adolescent Diversion Program and explain why some project directors did not see it as successful. 6. Define one aspect of UIC that you think might be impacted by a social change effort. Describe how such a change effort might happen on individual, departmental, university, and state government levels....
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  • Fall '08
  • Federal government of the United States, change effort, conflict-based change effort, cooperative change effort

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