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Course Policy - Course and grading policies TEXTS, PROBLEM...

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Course and grading policies TEXTS, PROBLEM ASSIGNMENTS and DISCUSSION SECTIONS The text for this course is: An introduction to genetic analysis, by Griffiths, Wessler, Lewontin, Gelbart, Suzuki and Miller 8th Edition. The Solutions Manual for the above book, by W. Fixsen is also required. The textbook is not a novel. It is meant to be read, reread and studied. To help you understand the material, problems are assigned from the text. These homework problems will be collected at the beginning of the next discussion period. Doing the problems conscientiously is the only way for you to learn genetics. Very similar problems will appear on the quizzes. Problems of the same type but not as similar will appear on exams. The back of the textbook contains abbreviated answers to some questions, and the Solutions Manual contains more extensive explanations. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you consult these sources for information ONLY AFTER you have made a serious attempt to do the problems on your own. The , and web sites contains review material, flash cards, and practice exam problems that will be helpful. Keeping up with the problems and working out extra problems is the best way to study genetics and prepare for examinations. Keep in mind that the on line practice exams have much more multiple choice than the in class exams will have. The in class exams will be more like the long answer homework problems.
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Course Policy - Course and grading policies TEXTS, PROBLEM...

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