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Riger Fall 2007 CP_ Prep Work Ch 9

Riger Fall 2007 CP_ Prep Work Ch 9 - 5 Define iatrogenesis...

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PSCH 231: Ch. 9 Prep Work Student Name: _____________________________________ 1. Define primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention and give one example of each. 2. Define indicated, selective, and universal prevention and give one example of each. 3. Based on the results of the Stanford Heart Disease Prevention program, can media interventions be effective? Under what conditions? 4. Identify and describe one individual and one environmental generic risk factor.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Define iatrogenesis and provide one example each of labeling, overreacting, and net widening. 6. Explain why the DARE program, as initially implemented, was ineffective. 7. Many students at UIC participated in DARE. Did you participate in the DARE program? If so, what impact do you feel the program had on you?...
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