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Riger Fall 2007 CP_ Prep Work Ch 11

Riger Fall 2007 CP_ Prep Work Ch 11 - 5 Briefly explain the...

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PSCH 231: Ch. 11 Prep Work Student Name: _____________________________________ 1. Define resilience and explain why it is an important concept in community psychology. 2. Describe the research conducted on children born on Kauai and explain why it is important in the history of studies on resilience. 3. Describe the three types of protective factors and give one example of each. 4. Describe what an event chain is, and give one example of a positive event chain from your own life.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Briefly explain the role of gender in resilience. 6. Describe the difference between main and interaction effects, and explain why this difference is important in resilience research. 7. List two ways that you can use what you learned in this chapter to increase your own resilience....
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