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Psychology 231 Community Psychology Instructor : Stephanie Riger, Ph.D. University of Illinois at Chicago 1062C Behavioral Sciences Building 312-413-2300 Office hours: Tues. 11am-1pm and by appointment Class : Tues and Thurs, 9:30-10:45am, Lecture Center C4 Teaching Assistants : Susan Staggs ( ) and Christina Buelna ( ). Their contact information will be given out in class and posted on Blackboard. Required text: Rudkin, J. K.,(2003) Community Psychology: Guiding Principles and Orienting Concepts. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Additional readings are listed in the syllabus and available on Blackboard. Purpose : This course examines the history, guiding principles, and methods of the field of community psychology and considers ways to use psychology to understand and improve the lives of individuals in communities. About two-thirds of the material in the class will come from the textbook and the remainder from readings and lectures that provide both new material and in-depth examples of concepts found in the text. Grades will be based on: Two exams (worth 20% each) and a final exam (worth 25%) A paper, worth 20% of your grade. “Prep work” study guides for 10 of the 12 chapters in the Rudkin book, each worth 1% of your grade for a total of 10%. (You chose which 2 chapters to omit the prep work.) Study guides will be posted on the blackboard site; you will turn in completed ones at the beginning of class on Tuesdays for that week’s chapter, except for the first one, which will be turned in on Thurs, Aug. 30. No late ones will be accepted. Attendance and participation in class, worth 5% NOTE: Papers and prep work must be turned in ON PAPER on time at the beginning of class – absolutely NO e-mailed papers or prep work will be accepted. The examinations will draw on both the text and the lectures. Thus, attendance is important in order to learn all the material covered in the examinations. In addition, a 10- 12 page paper on a topic of your choosing relevant to the course is required. I expect you to attend class and will take attendance 5 times during the semester, with each time 1
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counted as one point toward your final grade. I expect you to participate in class and will use participation to raise your grade if your final average is close to a higher overall grade in the class. Absences will be excused if a doctor’s note is provided. . Paper: The paper (about 10-12 double-spaced pages) is to be a library-based research paper on a topic of your choice related to community psychology. You must turn in one electronic copy of the final paper to Safe Assignments on Blackboard and one paper copy to Dr. Riger at the beginning of class on November 20. This paper will have two stages: (1) a 1-2 page description of the paper and your thesis and at least 5 references in psychological journals, due Oct.9 (Note that popular magazines, such as Time , Newsweek , and Wikipedia are not acceptable sources), and (2) a final
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Syllabus - Psychology 231 Community Psychology Instructor:...

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