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Riger Fall 2007 CP_ Prep Work Ch 7

Riger Fall 2007 CP_ Prep Work Ch 7 - 4 Describe two...

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PSCH 231: Ch. 7 Prep Work Student Name: _____________________________________ 1. Describe victim blaming and give two examples of victim blaming NOT mentioned in the book. 2. Define attribution theory, role theory, and labeling theory and provide an example of each. 3. Describe Rosenhan’s research and state two things you might change about the process of diagnosing people as “mentally ill” based on this research.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Describe two functions of the deficit perspective and explain how they contribute to a victim-blaming mentality. 5. Explain in your own words some of the advantages that a strengths perspective has over a deficit perspective. 6. Describe how a strengths perspective is in keeping with the guiding principles of community psychology....
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