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REL121 midterm essay - ESSAY QUESTIONS HETAIRAI Background...

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ESSAY QUESTIONS HETAIRAI Background: Member of the social marginals Young women who keep men company, drink with them, sleep with them, adorns herself beautifully, well-behaved, friendly, does not throw herself at men, goes to symposium and doesn’t get drunk or stuff self with food, has eyes only for the man paying and giving gifts - come from the chora if can’t get married - best outcome is to marry a rich man (highly unlikely) - successful ones are well dressed, well off , and have many slaves - stereotype- evil, unfaithful, only looking for $ Ex from Literature: Lucian’s “Heterai in Conversation” Conversation 6: - a conversation between a mother, Crobyle and her daughter, Corinna (a new hetairai) - Crobyle is pushing her daughter to become a heterai because her father died and they need money - Her mother thinks that she is a beautiful woman who could make a lot of money. - We learn that they are supposed to act like a woman and not a disgraceful person. - In order to be successful, they must be with young men, drinking with them and sleeping with them for money. - Supposed to act like a woman and does not throw herself at men; they go out and dress in colorful clothes and gold so as to attract more men. - She is supposed to only pay attention to the one who pays her, so as to make him fall in love. - The men who are not handsome will pay them more. - Gives example of Lyra, a successful hetarai who is rich and has slaves etc. Conversation 7: - another conversation between a mother and daughter (Musarium) who are arguing about a man (Chaereas) - he claims he will marry her and then inherit his father’s money but not until he dies. - The mother says that heterai must be smart and not naïve to see through the lies of young men for this is what makes a good heterai. - If a man isn’t providing enough then you should go after another. - Mother says that she will not be 18 years old forever and thus there is a small window of time to make money. Conversation 14: - a conversation between a heterai (Myrtale) and her lover (Dorian) - she locks him out because he does not have enough money and cannot provide enough for her. - Hetairai will only stay if it proves to be an advantage for her but she has been sleeping with another man who buys her more expensive items (a sea captain)
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although he is old and ugly. Alciphron – Menecleides’ heterai has died; she turned down wealthier suitors for him, she preferred plain and ordinary compared to rich and lavish. This story says that not all heterai are out for money but some actually love the man Mime 1: The Procuress – Gyllis is a woman now too old to continue being a hetairai and now matches men with younger hetairai. Metriche has fallen in love but the man has left for Egypt without paying, Gyllis tells her to move on and has a new man for her that is young, rich, handsome, and fit but Metriche says no and awaits her lover’s return. Famous-Pryne
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REL121 midterm essay - ESSAY QUESTIONS HETAIRAI Background...

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