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[email protected] - icl.syr.edu ELE232 - Electrical Fundamentals II – 7MAR2008 Answers to Homework Assignment 5 Problem 1 : The main task here is to design a third order Butterworth lowpass filter with a cutoff frequency f C = 10,000 Hz and a passband gain of 10 . (a) What is ω C , the cutoff frequency in radians per second ? (b) Give the coordinates of the three poles needed. (c) Draw the circuit that realizes the pole on the real number line and give a value for the product RC that places that pole on a circle of radius ω C . (d) Draw the Sallen-Key filter that realizes the other two poles. State the value of the gain K needed and the size of the RC product. (e) The gain K of the SK filter can not be adjusted to realize the passband gain, but the gain of the first stage can be by choosing the ratio of the two resistors present. (a) ω C = 2 π f C = 62832 893 r/s . (b) s P 1 = ! 62832 r/s . s P 2 , 3 = 62832 cos( 60 ° ) ± j 62832 sin( 60 ° ) s P 2 , 3 = 31416 ± j 54414 (c)
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HW 5 ans - [email protected] - icl.syr.edu ELE232 -...

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