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Hide & Q exercise - Fatima Ejubovic Human Status in the...

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Fatima Ejubovic Human Status in the Cosmic Array, Revisited Is it all about POWER? Does MIGHT make RIGHT? Your reading log insights on Blood Music and Trinity and Spin State reflected your consideration of the question of our place or status in the cosmic array of beings, of the scale of ethical importance. See whether you can further develop your thinking about this question as you view excerpts from Episode 111 (1987/8) of Star Trek: The Next Generation , “Hide and Q.” As you watch, please consider: 1. What qualities do “Q”, and other inhabitants of the “Q-continuum” have that humans lack? Q and the other inhabitants of the Q-continuum have a lot of powers that humans or any other species do not have and their powers seem to be unlimited. They also have a very good ability to control time in the universe. They are very intelligent and seem almost godlike with all the powers they have. 2. Why is Q so interested in humans? What is “he” worried about? Is this a reasonable worry? Q is very interested in humans because he wants to run tests on them in order to find out more about them and their abilities. He is worried about humans because they have the ability to learn and therefore to change. This is a worry for the Q because with the change and the acquiring of knowledge they are getting better at things and getting powers different from the powers the Q have but still powers which they can use and they can potentially become better than the Q and be stronger, which would be a threat to the Q and that’s why their worry is reasonable. They can be a danger to the Q if they get too powerful and that is a very reasonable worry. 3.
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Hide & Q exercise - Fatima Ejubovic Human Status in the...

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