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Memorandum - skewed slightly to the right which is because...

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Memorandum To: Mayor of Newton From: Nancy Ng Huang, “Doant, Kare, No, How” consultant Subject: On the future use of water by BC students. Because there will be an increase in the future students population on Newton, a sample of fifteen students were taken to estimate the water usage in numbers of gallons in thousands. From the study we can conclude that an average student will use around 18.4 thousand gallons, but this is only an estimate because extreme numbers affects the mean drastically. In this case there is one student who used 32.2 thousand gallons while another used only 11.2 thousand gallons of water. If we look at the histograms, the graph is
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Unformatted text preview: skewed slightly to the right which is because the mean is bigger than the median by . 3133. After the student population increases, the increase in water usage can be foreseen by these statistics. According to these numbers, most students will fall around the mean area with few exceptions of the rare extremes. On the other hands, because this problem has a fairly high standard deviation is seems that the data are not as reliable. To be able to predict more precisely the future uses of students on Newton a bigger sample needs to be taken....
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