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Advertising has to be done correctly, especially when it is just for pleasing association because it can turn a viewer on or off. All companies use advertisement to entice the viewer in buying their product. The product might be a waste of money because of the quality, or a gain. Advertisers know that they way to reach a viewer is to persuade the buyer into buying there product. BMW 3 series and Rabbit Rave advertisement illustrate two ways on how advertisers entice consumers to buy product for the wrong reasons The Rabbit Raves is an advertisement for opening of wine bottles. Now, the advertiser uses different magazine reviews to entice the buyer to buy the product. For example, “Idea 2001 Design Award Winner” says Business Weekly. That review just pressures the viewer to buy the product just because it is “The Best.” Another example that pressures the viewer to buy the Rabbit is the review from Bon Appetite which states “ When it comes to serious entertainment, having some serious fun: Metrokane’s ultra-
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