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Exam II - Changing Gender Roles

Exam II - Changing Gender Roles - In early 20th century...

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In early 20 th century, changing gender roles were crucial to American Politics and culture. Introduction Before the early 20 th century, gender rolls in American politics and culture had not been changed. Women were to be in the home, defined by men they married, children they had, morally upstanding, tolerated sex with husband Men were the head of the house, the breadwinners, and the leaders in politics, and movements. But with the advancement in technology, the depression, women wanting to be treated equally and other factors of the era, the gender rolls changed dramatically which helped shape American Politics and Culture in the early 20 th century. Body 1 The change of the gender rolls affected the American culture. Woman hood changed in late 19th century, instead of being virtuous, moral, cooking and cleaning, and being defined by having children or the men they marry, the new woman was being developed. The new woman got a reputation as the opposite of a woman with views such as being independent or being a whore.
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