04-28-08 Debate Paper Draft 1

04-28-08 Debate Paper Draft 1 - Craig A Stangland Con Is...

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Craig A. Stangland Con - Is the majority of unemployment in America voluntary, and the result of welfare policies that encourage unemployment? Welfare: It’s a Necessity Spring 2008 E & M 354
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Welfare: It’s a Necessity There are many programs and services offered by the United States government. Everything from the military, to college loan programs, to disaster relief agencies is crucial for our country to remain a leading nation. One program which the government offers is just as important as the military, that program is welfare. Welfare is crucial to keep our country from degrading to a nation running rampant in poverty. However, some view welfare as hand out, promoting unemployment. However, these assessments are wrong. Welfare is a crutch offered by the government, and does not cause a majority of unemployment. First, what is welfare? Secondly how is welfare not the major cause of unemployment? Involuntary unemployment factors, discrimination and disparity, insufficient living wages, and stringent restrictions on welfare aide ensures that welfare is crucial in today and Welfare does not account for the majority of voluntary unemployment. Welfare encompasses a wide variety of services. Welfare is any assistance given, whether money or necessities to those in need ("welfare" 1). Using this definition, welfare includes everything from unemployment benefits, to food stamps, to disability insurance. The term welfare will use this definition throughout the length of this paper. The first way in which welfare is not the majority factor in unemployment is involuntary unemployment factors of the labor force. There are a myriad of involuntary unemployment factors that affect the labor force. On example of an involuntary factor is seasonal employment. If the laborer can not find a job during the off-season, they will be unemployed by an involuntary action. Another example of an involuntary factor is the laborers skill level, which can be attributed to education. If the laborer never had the
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04-28-08 Debate Paper Draft 1 - Craig A Stangland Con Is...

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