History of Homosexuality in Spain

History of Homosexuality in Spain - books and was therefore...

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Spain has a rich gay culture, in both modern times and in the past. However, in order to completely understand Spain’s rich gay culture, we must first understand the history of it. The first important thing to note about why Spain is such a gay hot spot in Europe is its location. Spain is essentially the center of Europe, not only is it the link between Africa and Europe, but it is also the link from the Mediterranean Sea and Europe. Also, with the NAME Mountains in the north and the Mediterranean Sea in the south, the people who occupy Spain feel a sense of autonomy and isolation so they are a bit freer with their actions. Another important thing to note about the gay history of Spain is that the sexual preferences of people in history was rarely important enough to be recorded in history
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Unformatted text preview: books and was therefore mostly recorded through the use of poems. The earliest record of homosexuality was during Moorish Spain in a collection of poems entitled Poemas Arabigoandaluces by Emilio García Gómez that talked about how homosexual passions crossed class barriers and how even the rulers partook in homosexual acts. And poems such as these have been prevalent in Spain’s history through the centuries and are the best source of information on the gay history of Spain. In general, the poems showed that throughout history homosexuality was forbade but was rarely much interest if it did occur. For instance, during Moorish Spain in the 8 th century, the Koran forbade homosexuality but there was almost no enforcement of this; this idea is still present in modern society....
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