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Dennis McCollum April 31, 2008 Final Exam Question #1 Drug, set, and setting is a model used to show how people will react on drugs. First, you would look at the drug. Is it a hallucinogenic, stimulant, or depressant? How pure and potent is the drug? What is the dosage and route of administration? Once these questions have been answered you look at the set. The set is basically the mindset of the person consuming the drug. Do they have a previous experience that was positive or negative? If so, it could determine their expectations. What kind of mood are they currently in? Are they happy, sad, or stressed out? Do they have any previous knowledge of the drug and effects? Lastly, are they using is for fun or to change their mood? Next, you look at the setting. What are the mindsets of the friends taking the drugs with you? Are there expected rules of conduct? How secure and private is the place one is consuming the drug? Is there information about the drug effects and safety measures in place? Lastly does the group have rituals and traditions before or during drug use? Once you answer these questions you can determine if the experience is going to be positive or negative. For the person who said, “People who take LSD go psychotic and jump off balconies”, you can’t believe everything you see on television. If you look at the drug, set, and setting model you could plug in answers to where this might happen. Let’s say one was taking LSD for the first time with a group of people who also have never tried it.
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This group also has a lot of people this person doesn’t get along with in it. This person is already sad and depressed from a long tough week. Everyone, including this person, already have the belief that LSD makes people act crazy. So when this person takes LSD they believe this is how they are supposed to act. So once they finally take the drug that is how they will act. That is the power of expectations. On the other hand, if a person is taking LSD with their close friends who are experienced users. These friends know the correct dosage and have had many positive experiences with LSD. The person is happy and expects positive results when on LSD. That is most likely how he will act on LSD. Now, for my friend that believes that unknowingly ingesting pot brownies will get you “high”. If a person does not know the drug and has had no previous experience with the drug (set) they will just think they are getting sick. If a person has no previous use of marijuana then they aren’t familiar with it’s’ effects and how it feels to be “high”. So instead of people walking around “high”, they will be walking around sick. Lastly, for my friend who filled the keg with non-alcoholic beer to save money.
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take home exam - Dennis McCollum Final Exam Question#1 Drug...

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