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Physics 212 Midterm 1 Sample Form A 1. A neutral metal ball is suspended by a string. A positively charged insulating rod is placed near the ball, which is observed to be attracted to the rod. This is because: A. the ball becomes positively charged by induction. B. the ball becomes negatively charged by induction. C. the number of electrons in the ball is more than the number in the rod. D. the string is not a perfect insulator. E. there is a rearrangement of electrons in the ball. 2. The figures show two positively charged spheres of equal mass, each suspended by a string of equal length. Sphere A has twice as much charge as B. Which of the following figures correctly depicts the entire system in static equilibrium? A A B B A B C A B E A B D B A A. A B. B C. C D. D E. E Page 1
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