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CSc 127a – Review for Exam 2 Fall 2007 The following is a list of suggested review topics that may appear on Exam 2. Any concept we have covered in class, section, or on assignments is fair game for an exam question! In addition to reviewing your notes and the textbook, you should make sure you understand what was covered during sections, on programs, on collaborative exercises, and on quizzes. Be sure to look at and understand any sample code posted on our website. First: See Review sheet for Exam 1 – programming is a cumulative process, so you still need to know all the old stuff. Flow of Control - Selection (Ch 5) 3 categories of control structures: sequential, selection, looping/iteration branching/selection statements: single-alternative ( if ), two-alternative ( if-else ), multiple- alternative ( if-else if - else if . .. else ) using a block with curly braces { } to group associated statements conditions and comparison (relational) operators: <=, >=, <, >, ==, != Boolean expressions and boolean (logical) operators:
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