4.22 - **missed 10 mins** Apocalyptic (revelation) :...

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Unformatted text preview: **missed 10 mins** Apocalyptic (revelation) : written in poem or indirect speech- Function: o prophesying the immediate future of the recipients o console a suffering minority..if they whether the suffering, the suffering will be minimal o written for recipients of that specific book- Author: John- Place: (revelation to john 1:9) small island off the coast of asia minor- Writing to: 7 Churches. Smyrna, Philadelphia, etc… if look at the map see inland a bit off the coast the seven churches- Situation: persecution of having been exiled to that island.. we have several references to suffering.. now more physical… (2:10) do not fear what you are about to suffer… thrown to prison… be faithful unto death… 2:13: witness my faithful one who was killed among your) further references in chap 13 and 17 o Exile, imprisonment, death, - Single individual using apocalypse to write message to seven churches who are suffering severely.- Suffering result of Christians refusal to worship the emperor…- Had a general period of social and economic chaos.. civil war.. fall of last dynasty in Egypt… during this time…. OCTAVIAN emerged.. in a place called ACTIUM in 31 BC defeated his last enemy and established the roman empire.. Inaugurated the roman peace.. and this dramatic shift form a period of civil war suddenly was brought to an end and O stood supreme… led to prosperity… then we have finest period of renaissance…the cities that had suffered now had to response at what Augustus had accomplish… the change of situation required their response.. (inscription from ephesis coursereader) o All cities under protection of O are expected to reciprocate… o There are inscriptions that recorded the motion and approval of how cities should response to what O had brought about o O in 31 BC became emperor and shortly afterward got another name called AUGUSTUS…Caesar Augustus…...
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4.22 - **missed 10 mins** Apocalyptic (revelation) :...

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