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Shouldice Hospital Case Study

Shouldice Hospital Case Study - maximum capacity for...

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Shouldice Hospital Case Study How many patients can stay on any given night? What is the bottleneck? Ave surgery is 1.1875 huors Can only check in 25 people per day Max 88 ppl per night 125 patients per week [25x5days a week] 25 morning surgerie check in period is 2 hours 30 patients can be checked in 30 surgeries per day
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Unformatted text preview: maximum capacity for doctors is 30 surgeries bed 25 per day operating room 141 per day bottle neck is beds new floor max bed capacity per day is 133 beds 190 surgeries per week new bottleneck is doctors Saturday operations: Allows max utility of beds three days instead f two Bottleneck is still bed...
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