marriage & family 2

marriage & family 2 - THREE REVOLUTIONS: -neolithic...

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THREE REVOLUTIONS: -neolithic revolution: -industrial revolution: began in britian -first phase: steam energy [stages delt with the main sources of energy] -second phase: oil, electricity, plastic -third phase: atoms, microchips, and biotechnology -"service revolution- structural transformation of the economy" INTERRELATED FORCES TRANSFORMING THE U.S.: -tech breakthroughs in miscroelectronics -globalization of the economy- NAFTA -results for u.s. workers- some jobs were eliminated because there is cheaper labor somewhere else, the demand for low-skill jobs is declining, foreign competition leads to reduced profits which leads to cutback/downsizing/layoffs/replacement of human with technology -capital flight- moving corporate money from one investment to another (oversea or over-the- boarder investments) (mergers) -shift from manufacturing to services and information THE NEW ECONOMY AND FAMILIES: -increase in income equality (the gap between the haves and havenots has gotten larger) -job insecurity -shrinking middle-class
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marriage & family 2 - THREE REVOLUTIONS: -neolithic...

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