pe2 - INTRODUCTION! there are 6 dimensions of your overall...

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INTRODUCTION!!!!! there are 6 dimensions of your overall wellness: 1. physical 2. emotional 3. intellectual 4. spiritual 5. interpersonal/social 6. environmental -physical wellness will be the main focus for this course. it includes getting proper physical activity and exercise, good nutrition, and protecting yourself against injury and disease -emotional wellness concerns how you relate to yourself. concepts such as self esteem, self control, and self image are incorporated into emotional wellness -intellectual wellness is not how smart you are or your iq. it deals more with your openness to new ideas and your ability to think critically -spiritual wellness depends on having a set of guiding beliefs or principles by which you make your decisions in life -interpersonal/social wellness involves how you relate to others. key concepts are communication, capacity for close relationships, and giving to your community, country, and world -environmental wellness includes protecting yourself from environmental hazards, such as ultraviolet radiation and second hand tobacco smoke, as well as doing what you can do to reduce such hazards for yourself and others -these six dimensions of wellness are interrelated. each dimension impacts others. to be a wholly well person all dimensions must be considered and developed CARDIO-RESPIRATORY FITNESS!!!! -cardiorespiratory fitness is the ability to perform prolonged, large muscle, exercise at moderate to high levels of intensity -the cardiorespiratory system is made up of the heart and blood vessels and the lungs and breathing passages -there are many benefits of cardiorespiratory exercise: increased blood flow to skeletal muscles, increased ventilation, increased cardiac output, decreased blood flow to digestive organs, trains muscles to use fats as fuel more quickly -cardio workouts also benefit you by: reducing your risk of chronic diseases such as: cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, as well as cardio work helps you to control body fat, improves your immune system functioning, and aids your psychological and emotional wellness
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pe2 - INTRODUCTION! there are 6 dimensions of your overall...

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