marriage & family 1

marriage & family 1 - images of family-family as a...

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images of family: -family as a source of fulfillment + -family as a haven + -family as an encumbrance [holds you back] - critique: family relationship are highly idealized the mythical american family: -stable, harmonious family of the past "the good ol days" -separate worlds- family and society have nothing to do with each other [myth] -monolithic [one form] family form: -family is a nuclear unit -consists of mom, dad, and kids -features sexual division of labor [men do one job, woman does another] -undifferentiated family experience [all families experience the same things] -family consensus [everyone in the family agrees] -family breakdown as the cause of social problems [people want to believe that fixing the family will fix the society] -the family as "natural"- you can't define natural -family as self-sufficient a new framework for understanding families: -recent changes in family studies -old approach: functionalist model -eroded by new ideas about pluralism, diversity, social context -the sociological perspective -there is a close relationship between families and society -uses a critical stance to study social arrangements the structural diversity approach: -assumptions -family forms are socially constructed and historically changing -social structures distribute social resources and opportunities unequally, thereby creating varied environments for family living -families are embedded in social environments shaped by the interlocking heirarchies of class,
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marriage & family 1 - images of family-family as a...

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