marriage & family 3

marriage & family 3 - partner selection -homogamy:...

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partner selection -homogamy: partnership between people with similar physical, social, or psych characteristics -heterogamy: partnership between people who are different from one another -homogamy is almost ALWAYS the rule! propinquity (pro-pink-wit-e) -definition: geographic nearness physical appearance -important to both sexes -"matching hypothesis of mate selection"-: tendency to select partners whose levels of attractiveness are similar to our own age -first marriage: people tend to marry someone within 2-3 years of their age- usually male is older (may have to do with the patriarchal notions pf "provider" role)- as men and women even out economically, they also tend to marry comeone closer in age (in 1900- 4 years apart) (in 2000- 2 years apart) -second or later marriage: often more of an age gap- many of these marriages are happy, but some experience problems due to generation gap (different values, norms, and expectations), imbalance of power (particularly if woman has more), socioeconomic status
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marriage & family 3 - partner selection -homogamy:...

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