Learning Objectives High Risk Infants

Learning Objectives High Risk Infants - High Risk...

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High Risk Infants-Preterm/Low Birth Weight Objectives (questions 1-4) 1. Pre-term infants have decreased glycogen and fat, thin skin, and immature organs (respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, liver, renal, and bones). 2. Besides the cause of pre-term birth due to unknown factors, some other factors that may cause pre-term birth are early induction of labor due to pregnancy complications in the mother or the fetus, fertility drugs, advancing age of first time mothers, preeclampsia/eclampsia/hypertension, chronic diseases, poor maternal nutrition, substance abuse, infection, bleeding of any sort (placental abruption or bleeding disorders), and stretching of the uterus (caused by multiple pregnancies, too much amniotic fluid, or fibroids). 3. Corrected Gestational Age represents the age of the infant in weeks at discharge home, death or first birthday, whichever occurs first, and is calculated by multiplying the gestational age in weeks times 7 and adding the gestational age, days. Then add the total length of stay in days. Finally, divide the result by seven. Corrected age for premature infants counts the time that your baby should have been in the womb. Corrected age is used to check your baby's normal growth and development for the first 2 to 3 years of his life. This is measured by getting your baby's chronological age minus the period of time he was born early. 4.
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Learning Objectives High Risk Infants - High Risk...

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