Names - Tantalus I He was condemned to suffer eternal...

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Tantalus I He was condemned to suffer eternal thirst and hunger [in the underworld], refreshment being always just tantalizingly out of reach. There are several stories about the reasons for this harsh punishment. It was said by some that he revealed certain of Zeus's secrets. Others said he stole nectar and ambrosia from the gods. The most commonly held belief was that he tested the gods' powers of knowledge and perception by inviting them to dinner and serving up his dismembered and cooked son, Pelops. The gods understood immediately what the dinner was made of, brought Pelops back to life, and condemned his father Pelops (2.3–9, 5.10–11) was butchered and cooked at a feast for the gods and was then revived and became Poseidon’s lover. He was given a winged chariot, which would stay dry even when driven in the sea Oenomaus (2.4–7) King of Pisa , had a daughter Hippodameia . It is possible that he was in love with his daughter but an oracle told him that he would be killed by her husband so began to kill her suitors by chasing their chariots and cutting there heads off. Later he would tack their head up on his wall. Killed ~12, he had horses given to him by Ares Pelops came to the race and won Hippodameia over with his looks. Hippodameia persuaded her father Oenomaus’ charioteer Myrtilus to help and he left the nuts out of the axes-boxes of the wheels and Oenomaus was defeated and killed because he got caught up into the reins and dragged. In death, Oenomaus cursed Myrtilus hoping that Pelops would destroy him. Hippodameia (2.4–9) princess of Pisa daughter of Oenomaus, decides to marry Pelops and they run off together, Myrtilus comes with them and tries to rape Hippodameia. Pelops throws him off cliff. Threw him from the promontory of Geratus into the Myrtoan sea. Myrtilus curses Pelops’ family and Pelops is purified Hephaestos Atreus (2.10–14) son of Pelops , brothers Pittheus, Thyestes , married to Aerope, once told Atermis in a prayer that he would sacrifice his finest sheep to her. When he got a golden lamb he decided to keep it from him and locked it in a chest. An oracle said that either Atreus or Thyestes would be the king of the Mycenaean’s. Originally Thyestes claims the golden lamb and becomes king because of it. Later, exiles Thyestes. Aerope (2.10–12 ) Atreus’ wife , daughter of Catreus, in love with Thyestes. Gets corrupted by Thyestes and steels the chest with the golden lamb in it Thyestes (2.10–16 ) Atreus’ brother , son of Pelops, Aerope was in love with him is chosen originally to be the king because he had the golden lamb but the Atreus reveals him and exiles him because he is now the king. Was invited back into the country by Atreus who deceived him and killed his three sons and fed them to him for diner. Consults an oracle that says he must have a child with his daughter which he did
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Names - Tantalus I He was condemned to suffer eternal...

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