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The symbolic significance that is in Genesis 15 and Jeremiah 34 17-20 is the splitting of the animals. The walking through the split calf symbolizes an agreement in the time of the Bible. If the person breaks the agreement, they shall suffer a similar fate to that of the animals cut in half. In Jeremiah, Jeremiah and the princes, priests, courtiers, and common people break this agreement and God threatens him with “will hand(ing) over, all of them, to their enemies, to those who seek their lives: their corpses shall be food for the birds of the air and the beasts of the field”. God says that he will allow the enemy to win and the city will be turned into a desert. In Jeremiah’s case, since the smoke and fire represent God’s presence, Jeremiah walked between the split carcasses and therefore made a covenant with God. Much of the land of Egypt was given to his descendents.
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Unformatted text preview: Ratzinger says that whether or not the Hebrew Genesis was fact or not, it was to show symbols of faith, of which it did. When Abram walked through the calf, it showed his faith in God and his loyalty toward him. Ratzinger also says that it shows us a little about the nature of God and the people who are wholly subservient to him. Lastly, Ratzinger claims that Genesis shows universal moral order in life and how it must be used to govern and take care of human society. Ratzinger states that the audience of the bible had its own literary idiom so therefore we, as readers, should not confuse the idiom from that day with the idea. The splitting of the calf was not a gruesome action that would be seen as a violation of animal rights in our day, but rather, it was normal for the people in Biblical times and it meant and symbolized an agreement between people....
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