Theology week 5

Theology week 5 - mentioned in Joshua Chapter 24 when he...

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Joshua reminds people of their obedience to God and Joshua fulfills God’s covenant by bringing the Israelites to the promised land . God promised Joshua victory and performs miracles to the people such as crossing the Jordan . Joshua orders the Israelites to be circumcised due to God’s will . God said to Joshua "Make flint knives and circumcise the Israelites a second time ." All the men who came out of Egypt were circumcised but all the newborns on the trip were not circumcised . The area that they were circumcised in was called Gigal in memory of the event . Covenant is also
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Unformatted text preview: mentioned in Joshua Chapter 24 when he makes a covenant with the people to set up rules and laws for them at Shechem . In the book of Joshua, Israel fails to see the prosperity that God has brought upon them due to the covenant of Abraham . Israel has done evil in the eyes of the Lord so God handed over the Israelites to the raiders who took from them . The Israelites, now distressed, called upon God, which I take as a symbol that they want to turn back to God and repent for their sins . God then brings about the judges who saved them and God delivered his people ....
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