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Groundbreaking Press, Austin, TX – w w w – © 2007, Brad Fregger Prepared for: Texas State University McCoy College of Business Administration Management 3303.254 – Spring 2008 Atari – Maximizing Sales b y Brad Fregger Case Study: You are the president of Atari Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Warner Communications (ultimately, the Time-Warner Corporation). Your major responsibility is maximizing the sales of Atari’s products, 50 percent of which are in the sales of video games. The Facts Atari is the fastest growing company in the history of the world. Atari Corporation controls 75% of the video-game market in the United States. By 1982, Atari had achieved sales of 20 million game machines and/or computers. There are 20,000 retail outlets for video-game software and hardware. Atari has just purchased the video game rights to one of the top movies of all time: ET , for 22 million dollars; now it’s your responsibility to take maximum advantage of this opportunity. ET
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