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Comm. 200 Study Guide for Final Exam SPRING 2006 Chapter 9. Group Contexts The Nature of Groups What are the major research findings regarding: group size: Larger the size = lower satisfaction and productivity - Types: Task*, Therapy, Consciousness raising, Learning - Leadership: Trait, Functional and Style approach - Conflict: its unavoidable and some kinds improve the quality of decision making and others are destructive to problem solving. and conformity? Collins and Guetzkow’s Input-Process-Output Model What are inputs? process? outputs? Of the three terms--inputs, process, and outputs—which concept was relatively neglected in C and G’s research? What are the two categories of obstacles groups face in solving problems? What is the assembly effect? Under what conditions does it apply? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the theory? Cattell’s Theory of Group Syntality What is syntality? What is synergy? What is intrinsic synergy? What is effective synergy? What is cohesiveness? What is the major assumption? What are the strengths and weaknesses? Irving Janis’ Theory of Groupthink What is groupthink? What are some of the symptoms of groupthink? What are the causes of groupthink? What are some suggestions for avoiding Groupthink? What is Janis’ view of the role of cohesiveness to the quality of group decision making? Functional Group Theory What are John Dewey’s steps of problem-solving? According to Hirokawa, what distinguishes groups that reach sound decisions from groups that reach faulty decisions? What is the major weakness of the theory? Bales’ Interaction Process Analysis
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Study Guide - FINAL - Comm 200 Study Guide for Final Exam...

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