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Gaining_Understanding - Prepared for Texas State University...

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Groundbreaking Press, Austin, TX – www.groundbreaking.com – © 2007, Brad Fregger Prepared for: Texas State University McCoy College of Business Administration Management 3303.254 – Spring 2008 Gaining Understanding by Brad Fregger Case Study Scenario Your name is Yousef and you are a product development manager for XYZ Technology. You’re in your office struggling with budget issues when there’s a knock at your door. You say, “Come in.” The door opens, “Yousef, can you spare me 15 minutes?” It’s Bill, a marketing manager, with an office nearby. Bill is a peer of yours; you’ve worked with him on a few projects and know him fairly well. While you like him, there have been times when he hasn’t shown the sense of urgency you would have liked. However, he has come through most of the time and your projects have never suffered because of him. Your relationship has not developed into anything near a friendship. Even though you’d much rather keep your mind on the budget, you say, “Sure Bill. … Have a seat. …
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