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ch 6 vocab - Methodological behaviorists Intervening...

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Methodological behaviorists Intervening variable Radical behaviorists Stimulus-response psychology Unconditioned reflexes Classical (Pavlovian) conditioning Unconditioned stimulus Unconditioned response Conditioned stimulus Conditioned response acquisition extinction spontaneous recovery stimulus generalization discriminate drug tolerance emotional condition without awareness learning curve Study only the events that they can measure and observe, but they sometimes use these observations to draw inferences about internal states. The causes of internal states themselves, as well as of the behaviors, lie in the environment. Something that we cannot directly observe but that links a variety of procedures to a variety of possible responses. Insist that internal states are of little scientific use and that they do not control behavior. The attempt to explain behavior in terms of how each stimulus triggers a response Pavlov presumed that animals are born with certain automatic connections between a stimulus such as food and a response such as secreting digestive juices. Process by which an organism learns a new association between two paired stimuli—a neutral stimulus and one that already evokes a reflexive response A particular stimulus consistently, automatically elicits a particular response The response to it Response to the stimulus depends on the preceding conditions Whatever response the conditioned stimulus begins to elicit as a result of the conditioning (training) procedure. The process that establishes or strengthens a
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ch 6 vocab - Methodological behaviorists Intervening...

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