Music Sec 3 - Traditional/Popular Music of America 3. 27....

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Unformatted text preview: Traditional/Popular Music of America 3. 27. 08 Pop Music in the early 1960s A radical reorganization of the music industry- a considerable variety, diversity of artists and music trends. Begin tamely/lamely Instability in defining what is popular music. Jan. 1960: El Paso (Marty Robbins). Charts as No. 1 on Billboard o Known as Mr. Teardrop 1 st trend of decade: dance music Fueled by TV Results of numerous televisions shows: American Bandstand Perfect venue for industry 1960: The Twist Written by Hand Ballard (country artist) Recorded by Chubby Checker (Ernest Evans) o Chosen because he was a light skin African American- considered more presentable. o Represented Fats Domino vain of singer o A creation of the industry Followed by Loco- Motion, Mashed Potato, Do the Bird Early 1960s: record producer paramount, becomes most influential Berry Gordy (1929-) Phil Spector (1940-) Spector: The Teddy Bears 1958: To know him is to love him (No. 1 single) Spector composed, produced, played guitar 1959: split Began working with Lester Sill 1960: Apprentice to Leiber and Stoller (NYC) Producer, composer, session musician Phil Spector (1940-) Fall 1960: Established Philles records (Phil + Les) Complete artistic control Spector: selected artists, songwriters, session musicians o Spector was shrewd enough that he took the credit of the song for anything he was associated with Supervised all aspects of production (rehearsals, engineering, arranging, mix) Developed personal style: Wall of Sound Recorded in mono- as opposed to stereo o A single channel. o 1 track to record on. o Said stereo was too distracting Large number of instruments Mixed acoustic and electric Rock and orchestral Multiple instruments played the same part Heavy use of echo Vocals most prominent Teenage symphonies o Sophisticated form of music geared towards teenagers Preferred vocal groups backed by studio musicians House Band: The Wrecking Crew o Played on every single back he produced Spector preferred singles rather an albums o More emphasis on creating a high quality single o Albums are two great singles and 10 tracks of junk Recorded in LA (rather than NYC) o Starts a general trend within the music industry Focused girl groups: Crystals, Ronettes, Darlene Love, Veronica Be My Baby o Recorded by The Ronettes (1963) o Exemplifies Wall of Sound approach o Combines orchestra with studio band o Multiple instruments playing same music (pianos, guitars, saxes, orchestral strings) o Rhythm section: drums, maracas, castanets, clappingLatin percussion o Solo by violins! During breaks o Verse chorus structure (HOOK) o Vocals: small range o Dense texture o Style very influential 1966: retired from industry Catalyst: River Deep, Mountain High...
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Music Sec 3 - Traditional/Popular Music of America 3. 27....

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