Exam3Review - Exam 3 Review Questions As before, just...

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Exam 3 Review Questions As before, just because a topic isn’t included in this document does not mean that it will not be tested on the exam. 1. Describe the role of insight in the theories of Wallas as well as the Gestaltists. 2. I am reading a book. The region of greatest acuity in my visual field (called the ______ region) corresponds to the central ___ degrees of my visual field. The ____________ region corresponds to the surrounding 10 degrees of visual field. 3. How is spatial neglect typically related to representational neglect? What theory of mental imagery does this support? 4. Summarize a few studies that support the linguistic relativity hypothesis. 5. Describe some of the problems inherent to IQ tests. How can they be biased against certain groups of people? 6. Describe the methodology and conclusions made from Kosslyn's (1975) study on mental scanning. 7. Why can it be problematic to include general knowledge questions in an IQ test? 8. Why is a proper representation of the problem so critical for effective problem solving? 9. Describe some of the characteristics of creative people as determined by Gardner (1993). 10. Describe how a particular semantic network model has been expanded to allow for the storage of visual information. 11. Describe viewpoints that argue against the idea of creativity as an innate characteristic. 12.
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Exam3Review - Exam 3 Review Questions As before, just...

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